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Kolkata, West Bengal: In an era where global certifications hold the key to unlocking countless opportunities, India is witnessing a significant surge in demand for certified accounting and auditing professionals. Avijit Goswami, a Central Council Member of ICMAI and Co-founder and Advisor at Edudelphi Education Private Limited, captures this phenomenon, stating, “As India is becoming the back-office accounting hub of the world, there is a huge requirement of globally certified accounting and auditing professionals in India. Now it is very much possible to study and acquire these foreign certifications sitting in India itself.”

The importance and benefits of global certifications in India cannot be overstated, especially when considering the thriving financial industry. These certifications not only validate one’s skills and knowledge but also play a pivotal role in meeting the stringent requirements of top-tier Financial KPOs, MNCs, and Big 4 firms.

In today’s competitive job market, holding certifications such as CPA US, CMA US, CIA US, ACCA, CISA, and CFE can be a decisive factor in securing prestigious roles within these organizations. These global certifications empower professionals with the specialized expertise necessary to excel in the fields of accounting, auditing, and finance, making them highly sought-after candidates in the eyes of these industry giants.

Moreover, professionals can explore diverse domains such as Anti-Money Laundering, Fraud Detection and Prevention, Supply chain management, and Cybersecurity, each offering its own unique set of challenges and rewards. These certifications not only enhance career prospects but also lead to higher salaries and a broader scope in India’s dynamic job landscape. They proudly serve as the learning partner of the Institute of Internal Auditors of India (IIA), further enhancing their commitment to professional development in this field.

Now, let’s explore the driving force behind this educational transformation—Edudelphi Education Private Limited. Committed to offering innovative training opportunities, Edudelphi aims to nurture the next generation of globally-minded business leaders. With specialized courses and unique online techniques, they equip students with the vision and adaptability required in today’s dynamic business landscape.

At Edudelphi, the faculty members serve as mentors and facilitators, fostering an interactive and enriching learning experience. They are driven by a passion for teaching, making them not just educators but prestigious and outstanding mentors. Moreover, Edudelphi welcomes professionals from the corporate sector and academia as visiting and guest faculty, providing students with valuable real-world insights.

As CS Rupanjana De, Central Council Member of ICSI and Chairperson, Internal Audit Committee, ICSI, highlights, “Globally Internal Audit is a rapidly growing profession. After the invasion of technology in this domain, the exercise of Internal Audit is gradually shifting its focus towards risk and governance. This is a great opportunity for developing core competency in this area today for a successful professional career.”

Edudelphi Education Private Limited stands as an epitome of excellence in the realm of professional training. Whether you seek to advance your career in accounting, auditing, information technology, finance, or any other field, Edudelphi’s courses are tailored to meet your needs. With its strong commitment to quality education and global exposure, Edudelphi is your partner on the journey to professional success.

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About Edudelphi Education Private Limited:

Edudelphi Education Private Limited is your gateway to a world of career-enhancing opportunities. Offering a diverse range of courses spanning Accounting & Auditing, Information Technology, Finance, Quality Management, Digital Marketing, Project Management, HR, Supply chain management, and more, Edudelphi is your one-stop destination for professional development. They empower individuals to stand out in the global job market with globally recognized certifications and specialized expertise. Join them to ignite your career potential.